Clutter is a gnarly word; it's ugly and full of judgment.  We prefer MUDDLE, in fact we love it very much.

MUDDLE is simply confusion, busyness, a disorganized collection.  We see MUDDLE as valuable objects, activities 
and the very best of our passions and intentions merely at a loss for the right space or time. 

Plus, MUDDLE has all sorts of really fun synonyms like JUMBLE, HODGEPODGE, IMBROGLIO, BUNGLE and MISHMASH ... 
AND it makes us feel lovely things like PERPLEXED, BEMUSED, PUZZLED, BAFFLED and BEWILDERED.

At SWEETLIFE we have solutions for MUDDLE. We help you find space and time for the things you treasure, and
help you feel free from the rest. We know it's not on purpose. We know it seems there just isn't the time.

We also know, that letting us DE-MUDDLE your HOME _ OFFICE _ MOVING + TRAVEL will free you up
to spend your time and energy more wisely and wonderfully living the SWEETLIFE.